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Samantha (サマンサ) is the female counterpart and younger sister of Sammy. She is also a part of the group of dogs that always turn into a human version of themselves during the nightime when their owners fall asleep. These group of dogs still have their usual dog ears and tails when turned into humans. 


As a full dog, Samantha looks exactly like her brother Sammy but the black and white on her body are the opposite of Sammy's. She is a medium to a small sized dog, has black ears with a bit of an orange-brown color on the top, has all black on her head, two small orange-brown circles above her eyes, while her snout has white all around her nose and there's orange-brown on the sides of the snout, has a completely black body with some big patches of white on it, has a small white patch on the top of her tail, dark cocoa-brown eyes, and a blue collar with a blue bone-shaped tag with her name emprinted on it. 

As a human, Samantha has long black hair that's tied up high into a side ponytail with some orange-brown streaks on it and has bangs, included a long piece on the opposite side of where her ponytail is. She still has her dark cocoa-brown eyes. She still has her black and orange-brown dog ears and her black and white dog tail on her. She wears a black sleeveless dress that covers the bottom part of her neck, the top part of the dress is black and lacy while the material on the skirt part of the dress is satain and reaches her mid-thighs, she wears long black gloves with pearl bracelets on them, black leggings that cover all of her legs and feet, wears black sequin flats, a blue necklace where a blue bone-shaped tag with her name emprited at the end to resemble her blue collar when she's a full dog, pearls on the top of her dress where her neck is, and also pearls in her ponytail that's on her headband holding up her ponytail. 


Samantha kind of has the same personality as her brother Sammy but she is more cheerful and energtic, probably due to being a female and being more feminine. She can be air-headed from time to times, although she doesn't understand much about humans so her friends always try to help her out with that. It is very hard to make Samantha angry because she always is happy and looks on the bright side of things. She also is very talkative and it's pretty hard for her to stay calm and quiet. She can get pretty embarrassed easily but she usually just tries to act normal and shrug it off, although she has a problem with controlling how red she gets. She can get upset sometimes and cry a little, but she isn't a big crybaby. Overall, she is sweet, cheerful, energetic, excited, caring, helpful, and always tries to be friends with anyone, including random stangers.  

"That sounds exciting!" ~Samantha
Gender Female
Dog Age 5-6
Human Age 14-15
Status Alive
Date of Birth April 20
Dog Breed Jack Russell Terrier and King Charles Spaniel Mix
Dog Size Small-Medium
Human Height 5'1"
Family Mother: Bessy

Father: Unknown

Brother: Sammy

5 Other Unknown Siblings