Anime OC Roleplay Wiki

A wiki where you create your own anime OC's and roleplay them! Wiki established on January 11, 2014.




RussianAngel -Founder of the AOCRP Wiki!

Hello and Welcome!

Wiki Rules:

1. You must be 13 years of age or older to contribute to this wiki. 

2. Admins can block a user if they break any rules. Users can report the admins if they suspect any problems with a user that needs to be blocked. 

3. Users can be blocked if they upload any photos of nudity, drug use, or violence/gore, threaten or harrass any users or admins, or vandalize the wiki. Users can also be blocked from the wiki from some other extreme problem he/she are causing. 

4. Admins will give a warning, then a temporary block, and then a infinite block if a user breaks any rules.

5. This wiki contributes to making pages of your own anime OC's. Your OC has to be an anime character, not any other cartoon character, and can be based off an actual anime or your own fanime/story. If you are making a character from your own fanime/story, you don't have to animate or write it, you can just design your own characters from it. 

6. Do not mention problems from other wikis please. This wiki is only about the actual wiki itself, if you have to deal with problems from other wikis, please go to that wiki and deal with the problems there. No one wants to deal with stuff that they don't have to. 

7. When it comes to roleplay, you can use any character you made and roleplay as that character. Remember that wherever your OC came from (Anime show or your own), you have to roleplay with other characters that probably won't be in the same story with your character. You can roleplay on wiki pages that have locations on them so any character can roleplay on them or you can roleplay with others on the Live! Chat. 

8. Do not be a bully when it comes to other users making their own OC's. Do not be rude and disrespectful because you don't like a certain OC someone else did. Keep your own opinions to yourself. 

9. Do not ask someone to share their personal information with you, if they don't want to show it to you then don't harrass them. 

10. If a user is causing a problem on the chat, an admin can kick them out and if they continue this act, they will be blocked. 

11. Do not advertise other wikis or any other site or you will be blocked as a warning. 

12. Users have a limit of 5 characters per month, after one month of joining, users can send any admin a message to tell them how much they've for the wiki and how many characters they deserve per month. Depending on how much you do for the wiki and your behavior on your first month, you can actually get up to making 20 characters per month! Do not lie about what you did! Admins actually will moderate to see exactly what you said. If you do lie, you will be blocked. Admins can have an unlimited amount of characters. 

13. Don't "waste" characters. When you make a new character, we expect you to keep, roleplay, and possibly update it's information every now and then. If we find any old or wasted character, we will notify you about it as a warning. If the user doesn't want it anymore or still doesn't use it, it will be put up for adoption so any other user can have it and it's the creator of the character's choice to choose which user gets the character. If the creator of the character doesn't want to choose, an admin will. Remember that in order to adopt characters, you had to be on this wiki for atleast 2 months. 

14. Users/Admins are allowed to make roleplaying mature but any user uncormfortable with this can always leave the chat if they like to. 

15. You can't kill off another character in roleplay unless the creater of the character is ok with it. 

16. You can not roleplay a character that isn't yours unless you got permission from the creator of the character. Even if you did get permission, you can't roleplay that character so many times. You can only roleplay that character as much as you want if the creator of the character agreed to let you adopt the character, but the character had to be a wasted character that was put up to adoption.  

17. You can roleplay official anime characters from actual anime shows but we recommend you roleplay your own characters most of the time. 

18. Swearing/Cussing is allowed on the wiki. This is why users of 13 years of age or up can only use this wiki. 

19. If you ever have any problems/struggles/questions on this wiki, please contact any of the admins of your choice. They will try to help you out with your problem. 

20. Pages on this wiki will be about OC profiles, fictional stories and locations, roleplay pages, adoption of unused characters, or contests that admins are in charge of. Ask any admin if you want to add a page that you're not sure if it will be ok on the wiki. An example of an OC profile here: Samantha

~ From the Founder herself, RussianAngel.